GuidebooQ is the world's first service for building a multilingual website only in 10 minutes.

The only service that optimizes 91 languages

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We realize the world where everyone can freely access tourist information in their native languages.

GuidebooQ is compatible with multi-language SEO

Your multilingual website will appear in search results in as many as 91 languages.

GuidebooQ makes it possible for people around the world to access your website anytime, anywhere.

91 languages we cover

Responsive Design

Anyone can build cool multilingual websites that can be accepted by international tourists with GuidebooQ.

In addition, your website will clearly be on smartphones and tablets, and you can use it as a multilingual menu.

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Customize freely according to your target

You can rearrange and change display / non-display of the contents on your website according to the needs of target countries and areas.

Translation of contents is only 3 steps

Click "Add Language" button

Machine translation and more polite human translation will start here.

Select translation languages

select the languages you want to translate.

Select translation method and done

Click either machine translation or human translation, and it's done.

GuidebooQ firmly supports the messages from travelers all over the world.

Mutual Automatic Message Translation(Charged option)

In GuidebooQ, you can translate the messages from foreign countries and check them in your native language at any time.

The messages you write in your native language will also be automatically translated according to the language of readers.