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Kimono-Kan Kimono rental

Enjoy touring the Asakusa area in a rental kimono.

Kimonokan Asakusa Branch, located in Asakusa, offers kimono rentals at a uniform price. Enjoy wearing kimono as a couple, or with friends and family.
We are just four minutes 'walk from Asakusa Station. It is just six minutes' walk from the shop to the Kaminari-mon gates.
Do not hesitate to make a booking! (We also welcome same-day appointments)

In our capble hands, your garment will look perfect on you.
Dedicated dressing instructors will show you how to conveniently and beautifully wear your garment.

About this place

  • Japan, 111-0032
    1-22-7 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
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